Donza's Annual AtmoJunkies 3D Halloween Party!

Jodec and I would like to wish all of our 3D friends both old and new a very happy Halloween!

Our party in 2011 brought so many of our original friends back to Homeworld. The 3-day Open House saw our beloved Homeworld once again filled with chat and good times on an almost continual basis thanks to the varied timezones of our worldwide community. We caught up with old friends and shared news and virtual hugs.

Then last year Martin and Francesca built a beautiful new Atmo world for the 2011 party and it was almost like old times again.

This year we will not be hosting a party as it seems as if most everyone but a very few loyal AtmoJunkies have moved on and just don't have the time to come visit over the holiday weekend. Because of this, Jodec and I have decided not to host a party for 2012. However our server is up and running and there are plenty of chat-enabled worlds to enjoy on your own. We invite you to come visit anytime as Atmo will always be open to our AtmoJunkies.

NOTE: Jodec has figured out the problem with the French not being able to access the menus and that bug has be fixed.

P.S. - If you are having problems entering the worlds please click here for detailed instructions on changing your browser settings and downloading and manually installing the Atmo plug-in.