Welcome to Donza's 3D Halloween World
Welcome to Donza's 3D Halloween World
If you have never before visited a Blaxxun VRML world it will be necessary for you to perform a one-time manual download and installation of the Blaxxun and the Microsoft DirectX plug-ins in order for you to enter this interactive 3-D World.

Please right-click on the 2 links for the plug-ins on the index page to download them to your computer. Once you have downloaded and installed them please return to the site and the 3D Halloween World should open for you.

Once the world has fully loaded please click inside the picture to take a closer look. You may navigate by either dragging your mouse or using the arrow keys to walk around and explore. Don't be surprised if you run into other users doing the same thing!

You can right-click in the window to open a pop-up menu with options to enhance your visit.

Chatting with other users, changing your avatar - and setting an online nickname for yourself are among the choices available to you.

Please explore and enjoy your VRML 3-D Halloween World experience!!

I hope to meet you online soon.

~ Welcome to Donza's 3D Halloween Party ~