Having Problems Accessing Atmo Worlds?

Atmo WILL WORK with newer OS's and browsers (including Windows 7 & IE 8 & 9). In order to make it work you may need to manually install the player plug-in and change a couple of settings in IE.

  1. select and right-click on the following URL, choose Copy and then Paste it into the address bar to go to the FTP site - ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/atmosphere/win/2.x/, then download and install AtmospherePlayer212d.exe. I suggest you hang onto this file in case you need it again in the future.
  2. go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > UNCHECK "enable Protected mode"
  3. go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings > CHECKED to "display websites in Compatibility Mode"
Once you have done this, your Atmo worlds should work fine. Be sure to add the domain name of the hosted worlds to your Trusted Sites List and once you do this you can probably reenable Protected Mode and it will kick off by itself when you access the "trusted" website.

If you're still having problems after you have done this, message or email me.

~ thanks to Jodec (Grand Wizard of the Server) for the info!